Chernarus Redux - Hardcore DayZ Survival

Ever wanted to play what DayZ was missing? Base building, vehicles, crafting, missions and much more? It's all available on here. Precision Gaming's Redux server is based purely to fulfill the hardcore player. This server focuses on immersion, challenging gameplay. What makes it so special is that solo play is just as fun as PvP. If you feel like kicking back surviving the apocalypse this is the server for you. Wipe some zombies scavenge what you need keep your sanity and outlive your friends. This server is constantly under development and a big passion of Tich's. We are always looking for feedback and suggestions.

• Advanced Crafting
• Keys to lock cars (Just like Arma 2 Epoch)
• Unique missions and quarantine zones
• Tons of zombies and gameplay
• Object scavenging.
• Player based economy

• More unique missions
• Player skills and skill trees
• Better crafting
• Better zombies
• More fallout style objects and music.