Chernarus Exile

Chernarus Exile is our oldest living map. This map has been around since the dawn of Arma 2. Our server has 3 years of custom scripts and work put into it. The server was originally founded by BamBam and continued on and now run by Tich. We are constantly working at making the experiencing exciting and fast paced. This includes raiding, PvP, Zombies, many uniquely built locations and very unique missions available all the time. We are constantly working at it and always welcome suggestions and community feedback.

• Hundreds of custom scripts and buildings.
• I7-7700K Dedicated Server, that isn't shutting down anytime soon.
• Maintained clan mod, which add's custom artwork and scipts
• Double Primary Weapons
• Unique Sector B mission and other unique static missions.
• Well designed GUI that is constantly being developed.
• Great FPS and performance is constantly being worked on.
• Custom Titan launcher locking.
• Virtual Garage
• Lonewolf Garage and storage system
• Custom rep spawn loadouts
• Custom hacking/grinding
• Great staff
• A good balance between survival and militarization.
• Weekly events and regular giveaways.